My Need To Write

Most of you know, I enjoy writing, it is who I am, it is my creative outlet; for all that stuff circling my head. I write everyday (practice makes perfect). I like you, have opinions or thoughts on different topics. But, I try to stay away from politics.
There is so much beauty to enjoy. I enjoy art, music, color, Frida, clothes, design, home decorating, old barns, old wood, flower, herb and vegetable gardens, birds, creeks, food, books, old jewelry, old leather, old cars, the ocean, my Lord, and so much more.
I find those artistic juices flowing come over me to the point I have to see a project come to fruition. Or…..write about it, so I can make it come alive at a later time. Even if I lived to be 200. I would never be able to complete all the creations in my head! The way my brain works; I get an idea, I see it finished in my brain. I don’t spend too much time planning and designing. I just get to it. And, see where the feeling takes me. If I make a mistake, I incorporate into my project. My belief is that it was meant to be there. Mistakes and errors are part of learning; they are part of life.
My husband and I just recently moved to Texas Hill Country and I am excited to start writing about this special area.
I need to add that I have always been a believer. But, never really knew what it meant to have a personal relationship with my Lord. I do now! And, I am so happy and grateful. Thank you Father. And, as I always end……

Abrazos y Besos