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Mi Corazon, and I enjoy exploring new horizons. We drove to Waco on Monday morning. My eyes were filled with landscapes of green hills, deer, palatial homes to humble casitas, farmers working the land, clear clean skies.

The city appeared with its high rises and row after row of industrial concrete, with my favorite old red brick buildings. The cleanliness is quite obvious in this industrial building rebirth of Waco. It was not cold or without heart, but enveloped me with open arms. I notice water, gazebos, flowers, parks, bridges, people walking or using the bike paths. I see people working; I notice life and happiness.

We went to our designation, as if on a religious pilgrimage to El Camino, Magnolia Market at the Silos, it is over the top, a city within a city with a bohemian vibe. A bakery is anticipated to open in May, Magnolia Flour, will provide guests with delicious treats. Continuing the tradition of making more of a community and not just a shopping stop.

Workers were raising a barn a few days after we left on Thursday outside Magnolia Market in downtown Waco, and they were doing it the traditional way. The barn, which was built in the 1870s in Canada, was dismantled and shipped to Waco. It’s being raised in the old-fashioned way because of its historic character. When the work is complete, it will serve as an outdoor recreation area. The grain barn, attached at the back of the building, is currently used as a stock room for the retail store. Joanna claims she will be using this space as a showroom for her new furniture line. There is also space in back for several food trucks. Another unique venue is the area for World Hunger Relief Inc., a local non-profit farm that teaches sustainable farming and provides local farm produce; raised garden beds will grow produce for sale to customers.

I had seen The original HGTV show, Fixer Upper when they had purchased the Silos, a historical landmark. At that time they discussed using it for offices and/or condos. But, as of current is still being developed and actual changes will occur at a much later stage of development.

I liked much of the Gaines’ ideas, but that one visit is enough for me, I prefer nature to shopping and God’s landscape. There is a whole world to explore, right?

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