Not For Me And My Home!

October 26, 2019

I get frustrated when I am stereotyped and someone assumes I celebrate Día de Los Muertos,” since all Mexicans celebrate Día de Los Muertos. Well let me school you. This is not so!

We never celebrated this growing up and once I became an adult and a Christian I knew these practices do not edify God and are forbidden by our God.


I recall during my first years of teaching I had a short lesson for my predominantly Mexican students; thinking it was tradition and fun to commemorate our ancestors. 
You’d like to think it’s just a fun way to honor your deceased family members, but it is not.
I, myself had been sucked in by the colorful bling, each color signifies something. 
The papel picado, calaveras, marigolds (cempasuchitl or Aztec marigold of the dead) and flowers. And there is also food appropriated for this day. Sweet, egg-rich “bread of the dead” (pan de muerto) is one of the constants of Dia de Los Muertos, although it varies regionally. In some places in Mexico, sugar skulls are treats for children during Dia de Los Muertos, sometimes with names written on them.
Simply put, as Christians, we are to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Ephesians 5:11).


People will set-up these colorful enticing alters of their dearly beloved who have passed; using pictures, incense, candles, flowers, etc. and make offerings of their favorite things in life, such as beer, candy or cigarettes.
This unholy event is the false idea that by means of its rituals, they can commune with their dear departed relatives, who are thought to participate in these ceremonies. Only One is worthy and powerful enough to call the dead; He will call these to the resurrection of damnation (John 5: 28-29). 
Personally it’s another means of making money, commercialism at its most colorful “ethnic” best. Now don’t misunderstand me I think commercialism is great. It’s a new reason to party that’s colorful and a different aspect that sucks people in. Just like something as innocent as caricatures
or the Adam’s Family.
Recently, my sister, Cathy shared a story with me of an innocent family that went to see the re-make of the movie, The Adam’s Family. The one we grew up with that was funny, silly and had characters of Lurch and Morticia.
This new re-make has the voice of a demon. And the little boy appeared possessed and started climbing up the wall. Then they pulled out a ouija board. 
At this point the family decided to walk out of the movie theater. Thank God these parents are so aware and protect their family.
I Thank my Lord every day that Mi Mama taught us how to think, by constantly questioning everything. She had the common sense of 10 persons.
It is our responsibility to be vigilant, especially for parents. We must be fully aware of what we see, say, read, think, model and practice.
Thank You, Father
Abrazos y Besos

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I am perpetually creative, and my eyes “feel” art everywhere. Who am I, I am an open book. I believe that sharing “from the heart” with one another is what connects us, heals us, and inspires us! My love for my Lord, family, friends, cooking, crafting, gardening/nature, vintage, sewing and different cultures; these passions and too many more to list, have moved my hand to paper, thus, Abrazos y Besos. In addition to a nudge by my baby sister, Dudies. My last name is Hug which means Abrazo in Spanish, hence the name of my blog: “Abrazos y Besos” translating to “Hugs & Kisses.” I will focus on our personal life journey with Mi Corazon (Augie Hug) sprinkled with love, spice and fun. Please tune in. Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV) 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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