There Are Prayers That Are Groans!

April 12, 2020

It was the 1970’s. I was 17 years old. I was protesting generations of abuse of a Mi Tatara abuela, Mi Bisabuela, Mi Abuela, Elena y Mi Mama, Elena.

I left home angry; this was a response to not having a voice… not feeling heard, as well as the restrictive societal norms and gender roles of my community (Mexican), a sense of injustice and a feeling of being controlled. On a more personal level I had seen my Mama beat by my father. I was also aware of her struggles as a single Mama.
This anger propelled and compelled me!
Remember, I was 17 years old, heck I was protesting everything and everyone.
Once away at college, I was pretty much in the front lines of women libber marches, rallies and protests. Protesting and protecting what I thought were my rights and my ability to control my body! Carrying the sign boldly, Our Bodies/Our Choice!
I was the new Chicana! A trailblazer, a pioneer! I felt I was re-claiming my God-given rights.
Although, I never totally bought into “white women libbers” beliefs.
I felt as a Chicana there were blatant obvious differences in my struggle and the white women’s liberation movement. They had their narrow focus on individual rights of women. While, I along with other Chicanas were focused on implementing changes for the “entire community.”
I was baptized Catholic. I was born in Hanford, California my Mama was born in Chicago. I am a Mexican of American descent, 2nd generation. Or a Chicana if you will.
In the 70’s I marched and protested for what was most important to me; and these are not in any order of importance, women’s rights, handicapped rights, education, and Cesar Chavez (rights for farmworkers).
I and many Chicanas in the movement played a foundational role in building community programs and leadership roles, but rarely received recognition for our hard work.
Fifty plus years later, first and foremost, nothing is more important than my relationship with my Lord. He controls my life.
Believe me in my quiet reflective times I think of my college life from 1970 to 1976. Was it all in vain? My hope and desire is that it was not in vain, I pray I was able to help someone stay in school or improve someone’s livelihood. Or on a more personal level, inspire someone in my own family….. to desire and dream to do better.
These thoughts were provoked by something I recently read by a girlfriend of mine. She stated that she was on the “right side of history” because she believes in free choice for women! WOW!
I am a different woman today. I feel differently about certain issues. I have matured. Little did I know that my opinions on these issues would change so dramatically as I gained a better understanding of myself and our society.
I do not believe nor support abortion or infanticide even though some call it a women’s chose, reproductive rights, or constitutional rights! Or, another description, that it’s a health-care service (surgery) that allows people to live the life they’d like to live.
Although, I realize these two issues are different there are also similarities.
We have been here before in the 1920’s and 30’s, during the height of the eugenics movement. Activists sought to “improve” the human herd by preventing the so-called “unfit” from being born — generally through involuntary sterilization of those considered eugenically incorrect.
Famous birth control advocate and social Darwinist Margaret Sanger, proudly spouted “the extreme eugenic view that human ‘weeds’ should be “exterminated.” The authors also claims that killing healthy and able-bodied babies should be allowable because, “we also need to consider the interests of the mother who might suffer psychological distress from giving up her child for adoption.” The mind boggles.
Princeton University’s bioethics professor Peter Singer became famous by claiming that newborn babies are killable because they have not yet developed the cognitive capacities to be considered a “person.” He wrote in Rethinking Life and Death. 
Source: The American Spectator
Infanticide Makes A Comeback by Wesley J. Smith 
February 26, 2019
I see it as murder of a defenseless life that has not hurt anyone.
I see clearly the errs of my ways and past!
There are prayers that are groans. Al I can do is groan at times. My heart bleeds, I weep because we do not value human life.
I believe the Catholic Church is not for me and without going into all the issues/problems of oppression and sexual  abuse. I essentially do not believe what they believe. For example, I do not believe the Pope is the designated earthly representative for God.
I believe the Democratic Party is oppressive and wants to keep people down and helpless. Now, don’t misunderstand me, the Republican Party has a multitude of problems, also.

Romans 15:13-15 New Life Version (NLV)

13 Our hope comes from God. May He fill you with joy and peace because of your trust in Him. May your hope grow stronger by the power of the Holy Spirit.

14 I am sure you are wise in all things and full of much good. You are able to help and teach each other. 15 I have written to you with strong words about some things. I have written so you would remember. God helped me write like this. 

Abrazos y Besos

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I am perpetually creative, and my eyes “feel” art everywhere. Who am I, I am an open book. I believe that sharing “from the heart” with one another is what connects us, heals us, and inspires us! My love for my Lord, family, friends, cooking, crafting, gardening/nature, vintage, sewing and different cultures; these passions and too many more to list, have moved my hand to paper, thus, Abrazos y Besos. In addition to a nudge by my baby sister, Dudies. My last name is Hug which means Abrazo in Spanish, hence the name of my blog: “Abrazos y Besos” translating to “Hugs & Kisses.” I will focus on our personal life journey with Mi Corazon (Augie Hug) sprinkled with love, spice and fun. Please tune in. Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV) 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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