Aunt Lupe

I’ve taken a short hiatus from “posting,” since I never stop writing!
My energy has just been focusing on other priorities.
In mid-March we moved from our Casita Hug (our RV) to a small apartment. This is a temporary move until we build our Casa Hug.
And we finished the month by taking a trip to the Holy Land. Have been unpacking and adjusting to our new living situation. And, also planted a small herb garden. I am so grateful and Thank you my Lord.
I plan to be writing about my trip of my life-time to the Holy Land in the near future.
In the meantime allow me to share my Aunt Lupe with you. The eldest child of mis Abuelitos Mireles.
 March 12, 2019
Aunt Lupe
I have a burning desire to share my Aunt Lupe with you. Because she was a special soul and a great Aunt, that nurtured all her nieces and nephews.
In fact, she was a loving soul to all whom
she encountered.
If you are a younger descendent of the Mireles, Rodriguez or Garza clan and did not have the opportunity to know Aunt Lupe. You truly missed out on a special soul. And, should do everything in your power to learn of her.
I have many pictures of her, but could not find one to save my life. Since they are in storage (we are temporarily living in an apt. till our home is built).
It’s sad and unbelievable to me, we sometimes do not recognize a person’s significance or value until they pass. Then after death,  everyone is a “special person.”
I recall her gracefully  dancing with a broom as if she was a star on the Lawerence Welk Show. Our weekly Sunday evening family entertainment. I remember her love was Pedro Infante, and how she and Mi Mama, Elena or otherwise known as “La Bebita” enjoyed listening to him on the radio or records.
As a child, I recall when she worked at a clothing market in Huron. And, she worked at the 5th Lane Bowling Alley or Ray’s Market directly next door.
I also remember she was an “au pair” for the O’Neil family in Huron, before I or anyone in Huron knew what that meant! I’m not sure Huron still knows what it means. The O’Neil’s loved her so much she went on vacation with their family to Catalina annually.
Every year during Christmas she would make her infamous “rum balls.” And many other Christmas cookies in which the whole family participated in. But, these were different times.
I remember she introduced our family to different foods, foods I’m sure she was taught to make by the O’Neil’s or Vi from Ray’s Market.
 Such as creamed eggs on toast. This is an old dish you never hear of nowadays. It was an interesting dish with sliced boiled eggs in a white sauce over buttered toast. I also recall her introducing us to the infamous tuna casserole we ate on Fridays. Since all of my family was Catholic and we adhered to no eating of meat on Fridays.
Aunt Lupe was a devout “practicing” Catholic who was very involved with the church in Huron, St. Francis Cabrini, unlike the rest of our family.
I recall we sometimes didn’t have chips to sprinkle on top of the tuna casserole and she would use crushed corn flakes to sprinkle on top of casserole before placing in oven. Yummy.
Essentially, she introduced my family to more “Anglo” food. When previously we had mainly eaten Mexican food with the exception of meatloaf, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti and barbecue.
But, she wasn’t an amazing Aunt exclusively because of her delicious cooking, baking and how she taught me how to cook many dishes.
But, because of the amazing woman she was. She was very petite, I never heard her cuss or say anything negative about anyone. She was quiet and “stuck to herself.”
I recall while living at Polvadero she purchased a little red Falcon car, my uncles taught her to drive her little Falcon, she putted around in.
I recall a suitor who came around for a short time, while they still lived at Polvadero Ranch. Not sure what happened there. Probably one or all of her four brothers scared him away.
But, my Aunt Lupe never married.
I’ll never forget the day at about 12 or 13, I learned that Lupe was not my Abuelito Hignio’s daugther. I was a child so I didn’t really care about adult matters. I also don’t know how or who revealed this.
The whole family was in shock and I only heard partial whispers. As an adult I learned that my Abuelita had had her before meeting my Abuelito. It’s really not important because Lupe was very loved by all.
I know she was Mi Abuelita, Elena’s favorite, “la consentida.” But, this is a small part of our family history.
First, I heard her father was an Italian man. My Abuelito Higinio called him “tu macaron” or “your macaroni.”
But, later I was told by the Chicago side of the  family that the Italian was not her father.
But, (according to Laura) from Chicago side of family Lupe’s father was a man named Severo.
When I was about 13 years old, I had an accident on my bicycle, I fell off and broke my ankle. I had a cast on for a few months. The day they removed my cast my Aunt Lupe taught me how to shave my hairy legs. She was very loving and there for us when at times my Mama wasn’t.
I recall her taking classes, I’m not sure what she was studying. I only know that shortly after, she moved to Fresno with one of the Avila girls
(another girl from
Coalinga). She, worked as a dental assistant or in some similar capacity in a dental office.
In 1970 I was 17 years old. I attended summer school in Fresno at City College and she allowed me to live with her. This was a temporary situation for about a month and a half before I left to Humboldt State. It must have been
hard on her since my Aunt was very prim, proper and conservative. And, she was a devout Catholic. I on the other hand, had none of those qualities.
I know she worked in Fresno for awhile and later returned home. She basically sacrificed her life to care for Mis Abuelitos. I know she didn’t view it as a sacrifice. She loved them and was so good to them.
Mis Abuelitos had since moved from Polvadero Ranch to a home on 5th Street in Coalinga. They passed on.
As she aged she remained in Mis Abuelito’s home on 5th Street, as if her security and comfort. Later, we learned she had brain cancer and she moved in with my Uncle Manuel and Rosa, where they cared for her, in their home in Hanford. She then went into a rest home. Where she passed away on December 3, 2008.
I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to have spent time with her and to have learned so much from her; you were a loving patient teacher, Aunt Lupe, who made a large impact in my life.
Thank you, Father
Abrazos y Besos

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