November 14, 2018
Many many years ago an acquaintance, Daniel Valdez, sang this song. It spoke to my soul then and now.

To Prima Rene Delgado.

Primavera Now the weight of winters gone. And once again we see the sun. And the birds come out to sing. To tell the world she’s home again……Primavera

Her beauty makes men stop and stare. To gaze a loveliness so rare. That fills them with tranquility. And love for all humanity. Primavera ……Primavera.

You will always be my “Spring.”Happy Birthday Mija,

Tia Loves you.

Abrazos y Besos

My Beautiful Niece, Primavera Delgado

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I am perpetually creative, and my eyes “feel” art everywhere. Who am I, I am an open book. I believe that sharing “from the heart” with one another is what connects us, heals us, and inspires us! My love for my Lord, family, friends, cooking, crafting, gardening/nature, vintage, sewing and different cultures; these passions and too many more to list, have moved my hand to paper, thus, Abrazos y Besos. In addition to a nudge by my baby sister, Dudies. My last name is Hug which means Abrazo in Spanish, hence the name of my blog: “Abrazos y Besos” translating to “Hugs & Kisses.” I will focus on our personal life journey with Mi Corazon (Augie Hug) sprinkled with love, spice and fun. Please tune in. Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV) 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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