Champurrado a great accompaniment to tamales, pan dulce y buñuelos.
Another family tradition of mi familias was for my Abuelita to make champurrado and buñuelos on New Years evening and the ritual of eating the twelve grapes at the strike of midnight.
I have been reviewing recipes on champurrado, boy they vary vastly.
Some people say that the traditional champurrado is made with water while some people use milk, and yet others use half water and half milk. I found a recipe on a Boerne Blog I follow and the champurrado recipe by our local Joaquin’s Panaderia uses condensed milk. I’m sure it’s delicious also.
Some people use Pinole (coarse ground maize flour) which is difficult to find. As long as you have maize, that is what you need. This is an atole, a traditional hot corn and masa based beverage that tends to be a little thicker.
A cinnamon stick is common in all recipes, one person posted to substitute cinnamon powder! Please do not! No, No, No, a cinnamon stick imparts a different fresh flavor. Do not use powder!
You will also need Pilloncillo, it is an unrefined Mexican sugar that is made from cane sugar made from boiling and evaporating cane juice.
If interested just Google a recipe of your choice.
The basic recipe calls for water and/or milk
Cinnamon stick
Mexican chocolate

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