Weenies En El Espagueti

Have you heard my weinies in spaghetti story? Do you know how this story originated. Well let me remind you. I know I have previously shared, but don’t recall when the last time was and in what venue. But, it’s a common theme in my food posts on, “what not to do!”

Many years ago possibly 1972 or 1973 we were meeting at a girlfriends home (Maria M.) to make plans on overtaking the country or something similar. Haha! I really don’t recall what the topic was. But it was a sub-committee for M.E.CH.A. Maria graciously mentioned she was making spaghetti for us to enjoy after the meeting. And, had lovingly been simmering a pasta sauce for hours prior to our arrival. She shared that this was a treasured family recipe. We were excited. As college students we were always hungry and any opportunity to get a free meal was a fiesta!
There may have been approximately a dozen students at Maria’s casa. We proceeded with our meeting in her living room. And, Maria occasionally went into her kitchen to check on the pasta sauce.
I must add we were drinking cheap beer, since that’s all we could afford. The masses were getting restless and hungry two hours or so later. Maria said she had to run to the market and pick-up something she had forgotten, but she would be back quickly.

The other main character in this story is Sonia L. A little backstory on Sonia. Sonia was a brilliant women from Calexico, but could not cook to save her life. We initially met when she invited me to her apt. in downtown Sacramento, for dinner. I arrived and she declares, “look I don’t know how to cook, but I bought everything for you to make tacos!” And that’s how we became like sisters. After that I cooked for Sonia and friends many times.
So back at Maria’s casa we continue to wait for her and the masses are really hungry by now. We repeatedly heard from the guys, “hey when is that espagueti going to be ready?”
So Sonia decides to go into the kitchen, check the pasta sauce still slowly simmering. And asks me, “I wonder what we can put in here?” She proceeds to open Maria’s refrigerator and finds a package of weinies. She slices them and tosses them into the spaghetti sauce and promptly serves everyone. We all ate including myself.
At this point Maria walks in and catches us all eating. She storms into the kitchen. Without elaborating on the obvious, Maria was pissed and starts crying! She goes into her bedroom and slams the door! We all feel guilty that our tummies are full!
Within time she forgave us and we were able to laugh about it! For ruining her family recipe that she had taken so much pride in. I must add it was delicious!
After so many years, I now find this kinda funny, in the sense that who would add weinies to espagueti. But, I also understand and felt Maria’s feelings at the time.
So many great memories, so this is my weinies en la espagueti story. Que curadas!

Anrazos y Besos

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I am perpetually creative, and my eyes “feel” art everywhere. Who am I, I am an open book. I believe that sharing “from the heart” with one another is what connects us, heals us, and inspires us! My love for my Lord, family, friends, cooking, crafting, gardening/nature, vintage, sewing and different cultures; these passions and too many more to list, have moved my hand to paper, thus, Abrazos y Besos. In addition to a nudge by my baby sister, Dudies. My last name is Hug which means Abrazo in Spanish, hence the name of my blog: “Abrazos y Besos” translating to “Hugs & Kisses.” I will focus on our personal life journey with Mi Corazon (Augie Hug) sprinkled with love, spice and fun. Please tune in. Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV) 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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